You can't punch someone, call them a c**t and keep your job at the BBC


NSFW    The BBC has decided to let the air out of Top Gear's tires by firing controversial, but immensely popular host Jeremy Clarkson after he hit show producer Oisin Tymon on March 10.

The altercation took place at a Yorkshire hotel after a long day's filming. No hot food was available when the team showed up which caused Clarkson to lose it on Tymon, at one point calling him a 'lazy, Irish c**t' and also punching him.

But can BBC really find a replacement for Clarkson? Clarkson was able to take a boring, failing program and turned it into one of the world's most popular car shows with an estimated 350 million viewers worldwide.

Top Gear fans no doubt are less than pleased the Clarkson's sacking. The BBC says the show will continue, but they'll probably have to change the name. Without Clarkson, maybe just Gear?
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