Yankees Alfonso Soriano celebrates almost HR


NSFW    Alfonso Soriano has been on fire since last month when he came back to the New York Yankees in a trade from the Chicago Cubs before the trade deadline.

He’s been crushing the ball so much compared to the other Yankees that even fly ball outs look like they could be homers. Well maybe not. The Yankees finished a three-game series against the Tampa Bay Rays on Sunday of which they dropped two.

On Saturday night, in the second game of the series, the Yankees were up 2-0 at the top of the sixth inning. Soriano was up at bat and the count was full at 3-2, when Rays pitcher David Price gunned one toward the plate. Soriano made contact and thought that he had given the Yankees another run when he smashed a fly ball into left field. Soriano clearly thought he had hit a homer, so he did the right thing and flipped his bat and then took a cocky skip down the first base line.

The only problem was that Soriano’s hit wasn’t a home run. Rays outfielder Sean Rodriguez chased Soriano’s hit down and ended making a great play at the wall. The Yankees ended up losing the game Saturday 4-2.

However on Sunday, the Yankees avoided the three-game sweep by defeating the Rays 3-2. Curtis Granderson connected on a sacrifice fly in the 11th inning to help the Yankees come up with the win. Soriano made up for Saturday with a one-out double off Jamey Wright. Soriano stole third and came home on Granderson’s fly ball to center field.
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