What Up at the White House recap Episode 1


NSFW    WASHINGTON — Trump is still reeling from last week’s explosive James Comey firing.

To take everyone’s attention off Comey and Russia, the president has a White House meeting with the Russians, barring U.S. media, but allowing Russian press.

Trump then puts the Comey-Russia connection to rest by confirming that’s why he fired him.

Worried that Comey may run to the papers, Trump threatens him through his official spokesman.

Donald then spends the entire weekend working — on his swing.

Multiple fake news outlets then publish reports that Trump shared top secret intel with Russia during his meeting.

HR McMaster flat out denies the reports. Trump then throws McMaster under the bus by saying he did share the intel and had every right to.

Putin makes a reappearance when he offers to provide Russian transcripts of the meeting.

And just when we think Comey is out, a memo from the former FBI director says Trump asked him to halt the FBI investigation into Michael Flynn.
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