Wealthy women targeted by Paris kidnapping gang


NSFW    Two affluent women in less than a month have been abducted from the streets of wealthy Paris neighborhoods and forced to hand over their jewellery and belongings, Le Parisien reported.

The second abduction occurred on Wednesday just after midnight. The thieves waited for their victim, a 57-year-old Saudi national, to return home. The victim was being driven by her chauffeur to her apartment on Avenue Foch when three masked men got out of a BMW and confronted her, The Local reported.

They sprayed tear gas in her face and dragged her into their car. She was forced to hand over valuables including jewellery worth more than €150,000. The thieves left the woman at the entrance of the Landy Tunnel in Saint-Denis and then fled.

According to The Local: “[T]he attack came just weeks after an 89-year-old woman was kidnapped by robbers near her home in the Invalides area of Paris and forced to hand over jewellery worth an estimated €230,000.” As in the previous robbery, the robbers waited for her outside her house and attacked her when returned home after dining in a nearby restaurant. She was also dragged into a car, forced to hand over her belongings and then left on the outskirts of Paris, The Local reported.

According to Le Parisien, police have been investigating groups of kidnappers who target rich women for the past three weeks.
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