Watt an amazing season! J.J. Watt had a killer 2015, but Watt does he have planned for 2016?


NSFW    HOUSTON — J.J. Watt had a ridiculous season and tore it up in 2015. Watt led the league with 17.5 sacks. Two more and he’d have had more than the entire Atlanta Falcons team. He also led the NFL in helmet-optional sacks and by far had the best sack dance combinations.

Watt got up close and personal with QBs in about 62% of his games. He rewards himself by inhaling 61 slices of French toast on his cheat days. He eats 9,000 calories of clean food per day just to make sure he has enough megawatts on the field.

No wonder the AP defensive player of the year for the 3rd year running had 57 tackles, 3 forced fumbles and 1 fumble recovery in addition to all those sacks! He also became the first defensive player to be ranked #1 in the top NFL Players, and all with a fractured left hand and a groin injury.

Why? Because J.J. is superhuman. The average NFL offensive lineman weighs 300 lbs, while Watt flips 1000 lbs tires for fun. For Watt, 3-on-1 is a walk in the park. And J.J. SQUATS! He can power-lift 700 lbs or the equivalent of two offensive lineman and a slot receiver.

And did you know J.J. stands for Justin Jumps … okay it really stands for Justin James, but Watt has an insane 61’ vertical which he used to leap over blockers and swat eight passes out of the sky.

What will Watt bring to the 2016 season?
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