Watch a giant container ship crash into Hong Kong Island


NSFW    A German flagged container ship ran aground on Hong Kong Island on Sunday. The Hansa Constitution, a 193 meter long container ship bound for Shenzhen, China, lost power off the west coast of Hong Kong Island. To make matters worse, monsoon winds started pushing the 35,000 ton ship straight for densely populated Pok Fu Lam. Pedestrians running on the coastal path and residents on their balconies noticed something was wrong when the ship started blasting its horn. So, they whipped out their phones and recorded the German flagged ship’s slow progress toward collision.

The captain of the Hansa Constitution dropped anchor in an attempt to prevent the ship from plowing into the island, but to no avail. Or, some avail. By the time the behemoth hit dry land it was going so slow, one witness told TOMO News he had time to finish a cigar while waiting for it.

Within two hours the ship was seaworthy again, and with the help of tugboats was pulled back out into the shipping lane.
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