Villagers in India flee after being terrorized by army of monkeys


NSFW    NARASAPURAM VILLAGE, INDIA ??In a plot straight out of the Planet of the Apes films, villagers in India were forced to flee their homes after being menaced by a crazed army of over 400 monkeys.

According to the Daily Star, the whole thing started 15 years ago, when a troop of mischievous macaques were kicked out of Hyderabad and abandoned near the village of Narasapuram.

They were a nuisance, but it wasn't until they bred and multiplied into an army of over 400 that they REALLY became a problem.

Village chief Srivarama Krishna told the Daily Star that the pesky primates became more brazen and opportunistic, stealing snacks and groceries out of people's hands, and even sneaking into houses to grab pots of food.

They also turned more aggressive, and started attacking people, which in turn led to about 20 families packing their bags and fleeing the village.

According to the New Indian Express, village chief Krishna asked expert monkey catchers to help nab the macaques in exchange for money from the villagers.

Over 100 monkeys were caught and released deep in the forest, prompting old residents to come back now that the village's primate population has gone down.

Here's hoping Planet of the Apes doesn't rise again anytime soon.
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