US Capitol Stormed by Angry Americans ??Timeline


NSFW    WASHINGTON ??On 6 January, hundreds of thousands of Americans protested outside the US Capitol building and hundreds of people stormed the building itself. One woman was shot dead by a guard and three people died in medical emergencies. Here's how it happened:

On Wednesday 6 January hundreds of thousands of Americans gathered outside the US Capitol building to protest what they believed to be a stolen election and deep-seated corruption within the US political system.

CBS News reports that this is how events unfolded: At around noon, President Trump spoke to supporters at a rally outside the White House.

He repeated his claim that the election was stolen and encouraged his supporters to join a planned protest outside the Capitol building. At 1 PM, a joint session of Congress started inside the Capitol building.

Around 1:30, some protesters started confronting the police. At 2:15, the Senate suddenly recessed as protesters swarmed the building. At 2:30, the mayor of D.C. ordered a 6 PM curfew.

At 2:38, Trump asked his supporters via Twitter to support the police. Around 3 PM, protesters reached the interior of the Capitol building. The Senate was evacuated soon after.

At 3:30, Trump ordered the National Guard to the Capitol. At 4 PM, a protester was shot dead inside the Capitol. At 4:15, Trump told his supporters "go home now." Around 5 PM, police cleared out the last protesters.
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