Trump decides to double down on China, the Chinese get their panties in a bunch


NSFW    NEW YORK — POTUS-in-waiting Donald Trump and the Chinese have one thing in common — thin skin, which is going to make for some great entertainment over the next four years.

When Trump accepted a call from Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen last week, the U.S. media lost it. The first thing they did was Google ‘TAIWAN’, then they started churning out China talking points.

China was clearly upset over the Tsai phone call, but they tried to play it off at first.

Then Trump doubled down through his official spokesman — Twitter. Trump called out China for manipulating its currency and heavily taxing U.S. imports. He also criticized their military presence in the South China Sea

China issued a warning in a front-page editorial on the overseas edition of the People’s Daily warning the U.S. that it was creating trouble for itself. Too bad no one reads that garbage.

Who will make the next move?
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