Trump, Clinton reign super supreme on Super Tuesday


NSFW    WASHINGTON — Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton have each won the most states during their parties' Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses.

After both claimed victory in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Virginia, the presidential front-runners are now more likely than ever to face-off for the White House in November.

In the Republican primaries, Trump also racked up wins in Arkansas, Massachusetts and Vermont. Senator Ted Cruz saw wins in his home state of Texas and Oklahoma, while Florida Senator Marco Rubio took Minnesota. (After this animation was produced, Cruz was declared the winner in Alaska.)

On the Democrat's side, former U.S. secretary of state Hillary Clinton also took Alaska, Arkansas, Vermont, Massachusetts. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was victorious in Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Vermont.

Super Tuesday is a crucial part of the presidential nomination race as a large chunk of both parties delegates — nearly a quarter of Republicans' and a fifth of Democrats' — are up for grabs.

Bookies are now placing Clinton and Trump as the favorites to go head-to-head in the Nov. 8 election to succeed President Barack Obama.
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