This cheerleader will be the smartest person on the field at the Super Bowl


NSFW    When the Super Bowl hits Arizona this Sunday, cheerleader Kelly Bennion will be out on the field, helping hopefully lead the New England Patriots to football glory.

And while this Arizona native certainly has the assets required to inspire a team of football players, she isn't just a hot bod with two fluffy pom poms.

Bennion has a master's degree in education from Harvard, a bachelor's degree in psychology and Spanish from Middlebury.

But wait! There's more! Next year she completes her dissertation and receives a Ph.D. in cognitive and affective neuroscience.

Kelly loves dancing, so in between getting more degrees than Stephen Hawking, she tried out for the New England Patriots cheerleading squad the day after she turned in her master's thesis.

We can't tell you which team is gonna win this year's Super Bowl, but we can say this: Kelly Bennion will be the smartest person in that stadium on Sunday.
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