Thieves steal 97 cars during lockdown in New Zealand


NSFW    AUCKLAND — A group of thieves cut through a fence of a Jucy Rentals parking lot, stealing 97 vehicles in total.

According to the BBC, a group of thieves cut through a fence of a Jucy Rentals parking lot in Auckland, New Zealand. They lifted the gate and began taking cars, stealing 97 vehicles in total.

Jucy Rentals chief executive Tim Alpe told the New Zealand Herald he believed the heist occurred on April 25. The New Zealand Herald reports the thieves stole unbranded Holden Captivas, Mazda 3s, and Suzuki Swifts along with some green and purple branded campervans.

Lockdown regulations have kept New Zealand's streets mostly empty. However, police were still patrolling when they began chasing a car that they believed looked suspicious.

The BBC reports that 85 of the 97 stolen cars have been found and returned to Jucy, and 29 individuals believed to be linked with the heist have been arrested.

A COVID-19 heist may sound smart, what with businesses left mostly unsupervised, but don't you think the police would CERTAINLY notice suspicious activity if you are literally the only human driving a vehicle you just stole on a completely empty street?

And you know what really sucks? Jucy is doing its part in helping the community during these uncertain times. The BBC reports that Jucy was allowing people in need to self-isolate in their campers, and on top of that, they've also pitched in by letting some of their cars be used for food delivery.

Alpe told The New Zealand Herald, 'We're a big operation, but it's just devastating right now, when tourism's just been decimated,' adding, 'To have to go through this as well is just horrific.'
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