Thai man shoots dead his two daughters before killing himself


NSFW    A Thai prison warden committed suicide on Thursday after shooting dead his two young daughters.

Patiphan Somphak, a 45-year-old warden at Nakhon Ratchasima central prison, told his wife he was not going to work. Before she left, he asked her to lend him 500 baht (US$16.67), but she refused. Later in the day his wife attempted to call him, but her calls went unanswered. She also called his employer, but colleagues said Patiphan had failed to show up.

By the time his wife returned home, Patiphan had shot dead his daughters, aged 5 and 8. He then took his own life with the same 9 millimeter handgun.

Police said Patiphan was deep in credit card debt and had an outstanding 200,000 baht (US$6,668) loan from the prison cooperative. Police believe Patiphan’s inability to handle his financial problems caused him to murder his children.
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