Taylor Swift sued by radio DJ fired for allegedly groping her butt during photo op


NSFW    DENVER — A former Colorado DJ has sued Taylor Swift, claiming that the 25-year-old popstar falsely accused him of groping her buttocks—allegations which cost the jock his job.

Denver radio DJ David Mueller attended a meet-and-greet at a Swift concert with his girlfriend in 2013, where the two took a photo with the "1989" star. Swift claims that Mueller lifted her skirt and touched her keister while the photo was being taken.

Justice was swift and Mueller was immediately kicked out of the concert, and told he could never, ever attend a Swift concert again. Swift's team later gave the radio station 'damning' evidence of Mueller's licentious behavior. The radio station was quick to make what Swift's team says was an 'independent decision' regarding the allegations and within two days Mueller was given the boot.

Mueller has filed a lawsuit with the U.S. District Court and it is assumed that Mueller is suing for lost wages. Before he was fired, Mueller was making $150,000 a year.

In the lawsuit, Mueller claims that a co-worker bragged to him about putting his hands on Swift's rear.
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