Sucker punch: Alabama high school football coaches brawl


NSFW    They definitely take football seriously down south. A little too seriously sometimes, as a fight broke out between two Alabama high school football coaches last Friday at the end of the Walker-Cullman game.

The game was over with the Cullman Bearcats stunning the Walker Vikings with a 13-10 last-second win. Both teams were heading off the field when it looks like Walker head coach John Holladay had some words for Bearcats defensive coordinator Matt Hopper. Holladay then did the sensible thing and sucker punched Hopper in the face with a pretty solid right hook and busted Hopper’s face open.

Punches were thrown and both coaches were tackled to the ground as police tried to get a hold of the situation. When authorities and team staff finally separated the two grown men, Hopper had a bloody face and ripped shirt.

Players from both teams really didn’t get involved, except for player number 28 on the Bearcats team who came to Hopper’s rescue, well, sort of. The Bearcats players ran over as Hopper was getting taken down and delivered a pretty devastating tackle on a Vikings player that just happened to come over to see what the commotion was all about.

After the fight, both teams were rushed off the field and additional security was called to the school.

The Jasper Board of Education acted quickly over the weekend and put Walker coach John Holladay on administrative leave, meaning that he is suspended but still gets paid.

Alabama High School Athletic Association Executive Director Steve Savarese said on Saturday that the fight will be investigated.
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