Stephen Hawking visits "special" club


NSFW    Stephen Hawking at one time visited a California special club, Cambridge University admits in response to a rumor the theoretical physicist was a regular at the establishment.

According to a statement released by the university, where Hawking is still a research director, Hawking went to the club in question on only one occasion, with a group of friends while on holiday some years back. This is contrary to a confidential source, whose claims that he spotted Hawking at the club "more than a handful of times" appeared in an exclusive RadarOnline article last week.

The report identifies the club as Freedom Acres (NSFW) in Devore, California, and details the specifics of the alleged visits. The 70 year old Hawking, who is paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair due to the effects of ALS, was accompanied by a staff of nurses who watched over him as he received special dances. In one particular instance, Hawking was seen in a bed with two undressed ladies. He was fully clothed.

No footage of Hawking's visits exist...except for this animation.
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