So much for FIGHTING crime! Batman-to-be Ben Affleck busted and banned by Vegas casino for counting cards


NSFW    Looks like Bruce Wayne’s money is no longer good at the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas after Batman-to-be, Ben Affleck, was banned from the blackjack tables for counting cards last week in Sin City.

Affleck was banned for life Monday from Hard Rock’s blackjack table after he was caught counting cards. Affleck was using the ‘perfect basic’ method of card counting and moving his money with the count. He also took insurance according to the count and used black $100 cheques to keep track of the count.

Affleck had been warned by staff that he was being too obvious and had been told several times to stop card counting. Reports say that he had been warned about moving his money in too obvious a fashion on April 22 as well.

The eccentric billionaire was playing at a high rollers table when security swarmed and told him that he was an ‘advantaged player’ and was no longer allowed to play 21 at the Hard Rock.

Ben and wifey Jennifer were given a car back to their hotel. The Daredevil duo were in Vegas for a getaway before Affleck starts filming Oscar hopeful, Batman vs Superman.

Rumor has it Affleck was trying to earn a little extra money for acting classes.
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