Shiz just got real! Reality TV star Joe Budden beats ex-girlfriend


NSFW    2014 will be remembered as the year male celebrities seemed to be competing to beat the most women. The newest competitor is Joe Budden, a hip hop artist and current cast member of VH1’s reality TV series, Love & Hip Hop. He is sought by the NYPD for allegedly beating up his ex-girlfriend, a 25-year-old bartender and model, whose name is being withheld. She broke up with Budden on July 17, accusing him of infidelity.

She alleges Budden then became incensed after seeing photos of her clubbing with dudes that night. So, around 4 a.m. on the July 18, Budden tracked her down to a club near the corner of Nagle and Dyckman in Brooklyn. After forcing her into his car, Budden stole her phone and cracked her head on the dashboard.

He drove her back to his New Jersey home where the beating continued. The woman alleges that at one point Budden choked her so severely she feared for her life. The woman eventually escaped and told New Jersey police that Budden had guns in his house.

That search apparently didn’t turn up anything, and, through his lawyer, Budden denied the woman’s version of events. Meanwhile, the NYPD are asking for assistance locating Budden in connection with the woman’s stolen cellphone.

Budden tweeted that the “manhunt” could find him at a strip club in Astoria.
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