Sexy model catches the attention of TV cameras at Astros game, Internet goes wild


NSFW    HOUSTON — During the Jays-Astros game at Minute Maid Park on August 2, it wasn’t the action on the field that caught the attention of people watching from home, but rather an Astros superfan behind home plate.

The eye-popping attraction, model Terann Hilow, is a pretty big deal on Instagram, with over 42,000 followers. At least one or two of them are probably a result of her spectacle at the game, as she appeared to be standing and praying for her team to win.

While many online were in awe of her, many others were left wondering if she’d been the reason they ended up losing the game, 2-1. For her part, Astrogirl, as she’s now known, says she was actually trying to distract the Blue Jays.
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