Seeing-eye dog blinded by slipper attack, man sentenced


NSFW    A nine-month-old Labrador guide dog lost his left eye after being attacked by a man.

The incident happened in Taipei last September when the seeing-eye dog, Xanti, was out with his caretaker.

They encountered a man surnamed Chang, who was out with his Shiba Inu dog named “Romance.” Romance reportedly barked and acted aggressively towards the then nine-month-old Xanti, which somehow prompted Chang to take off both his slippers and threw them at Xanti. The labrador was blinded in his left eye and can no longer work as a seeing-eye dog.

The judge sentenced Chang to four months in jail. The sentence can be waived if he pays a fine of US$3,000.

Chang defended himself by saying he did not know Xanti was a seeing-eye dog, and that he was only trying to protect his dog.
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