Security guard caught red-handed rubbing one out over cheerleaders at Chargers game


NSFW    SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — A security guard at an NFL game has been caught on camera doing what looks like the five-finger knuckle shuffle — just feet away from dancing cheerleaders.

The footage of the out-of-bounds behavior was filmed by a dumbfounded fan at the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego on Sunday before the Chargers played the Oakland Raiders.

It seems the sight of the cheerleaders going through their pre-game dance routines was enough to trigger a solo raid inside the guard’s pants as the young man charged it to the home team in front of a 68,000-person crowd.

One shocked fan thought she was going to watch a game of football, but started filming when instead she saw the guard playing pocket billiards.

The fan uploaded the video to social media and wrote that she was disgusted. She said she couldn’t believe the security guard had gotten away with such a complete disregard for public decency and was horrified by the man’s lack of respect for women’s rights.

The video quickly went viral, and came to the attention of the guard’s employers, Elite Security. The guard was fired within hours, TMZ reported.

The San Diego Police Department has opened an investigation, according to TMZ.
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