Say it ain't so! Jon Stewart announces he's leaving The Daily Show


NSFW    The comedian who single-handedly made an entire generation of young Americans care about the news and actually start to watch it is finally signing off after 17 hilarious years, as Jon Stewart announced he’s leaving The Daily Show later this year.

At a time when the news was all fair and balanced or 24-hours of nothing, Stewart was a voice of reason with his critiques of politicians and public figures, and who can forget the countless takedowns.

Stewart and The Daily Show also served as a launching pad for several famous comics, like Steve Carrell, John Oliver and Stephen Colbert. The show has also produced many other great talents like Jason Jones, Samantha Bee and Rob Riggle.

Comedy Central has not yet named a replacement for Stewart, probably because they have no idea who that person is going to be. Comedy Central has said there is a short-list of possible candidates.

Although not everyone is sad to see Stewart go (conservatives). It’s the end of an era, and possibly even the show. Wonder what Stewart will do next? The Nightly News needs someone...yeah right.
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