Russian police seize custom batmobile


NSFW    MOSCOW ??Police in Moscow have confiscated a batmobile replica over concerns that its not up to road safety standards.

According to the BBC, the vehicle was a fully functional replica of the batmobile seen in the ridiculously bad 2016 film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

A statement from Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs says the custom batmobile was spotted in central Moscow and subsequently seized by police because it wasn't manufactured within factory conditions, and therefore not roadworthy.

Officials say the vehicle's dimensions "exceeded applicable norms."

The owner, a 32-year-old from Moscow, is now being investigated on three different charges: the batmobile's lack of documentation, its excessive weight and size, and the irregular features that aren't allowed on road-driven vehicles.

There's no indication that the owner is trying to be a crime-fighting vigilante ala Batman, so maybe he's just a massive fan with a lot of cash to spare.
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