Rich woman angers China with Forbidden City photoshoot


NSFW    BEIJING ??A very intelligent woman decided to brag over Chinese censored social media about being in the Forbidden City on a day it was closed to the public?hich for a country that gets its feelings hurt REAL easily?robably wasn't the best idea.
According to the BBC, the woman, who calls herself Lu Xiaobao on China's Twitter knockoff Weibo, decided to flaunt her high level commie connections by posting snaps of herself, some other spoiled brat and a Mercedes SUV in a completely empty Forbidden City in lovely Beijing.
She was also kind enough to include the caption saying, "On Monday the Palace Museum is closed, so I hurried over, hid from the crowds, and went to play in the Forbidden City."

The BBC reports that the old palace complex usually closes on Monday to allow for maintenance and renovation work.
Well?ue the outrage. The incredibly douchey photos instantly went viral. Lu then realized she had made a mistake and deleted the pictures.
One user left a comment that has been shared more than 400,000 times saying, "deleting the pictures is useless; the entire Chinese nation has seen them."
According to the Shanghaiist, the Palace Museum had to issue an apology Friday night saying they would increase security and not let something like this happen again.
But let's be honest, in a country where people connected to the CCP can do whatever they want, stuff like this will clearly happen again. Long live China!!
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