Pope Francis is really acting like the Godfather


NSFW    VATICAN CITY — The Vatican is set to take over the Knights of Malta after the British head of the Catholic Church’s oldest and largest chivalric order ‘resigned’ after Pope Francis was rubbed the wrong way in a row over some rubbers.

The feud between the Knights and the papacy began when Grand Master Matthew Festing dismissed the order’s foreign minister, Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager, for allowing the distribution of condoms in Myanmar, Reuters reported.

Even though condom use goes against Catholic teaching, Pope Francis ordered an investigation in the firing of von Boeselager.

Festing then refused to cooperate with the investigation.

The feud came to a head when Francis asked Festing to resign. The Vatican then announced the order would be taken over by a papal delegate.

The recent struggle reflects the growing tension between the church’s liberal and conservative wings.

Critics of Pope Francis feel that the Vatican is systematically silencing, eliminating and replacing critics of the Pope’s views.
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