POLICE CHASE: Man can't stop because "bird in the back"


NSFW    SURREY, U.K. ?? A businessman who fled police in his Rolls-Royce claimed he could not stop because a woman was performing a sex act on him.

57-year-old Businessman Maurice 'Fred' Sines, who owns a string of lucrative caravan parks, took police on a pursuit back in May 2018, from a PGA golf tournament through the exclusive Wentworth Estate.

Guildford Crown Court heard that there had been complaints about his behavior earlier in the day and police had arrived at the tournament to see him leaving.

The Daily Mail report that the police began to pursue him when they spotted his car driving erratically. During the pursuit, his $500,000 Phantom drove on the wrong side of the road, went the wrong way around a roundabout, hit speeds of 96kmph in a 40kmph, and narrowly avoided a head-on crash.

The pursuit came to an end when officers experienced problems with their radios, shortly after, they found his car abandoned nearby.

When officers finally caught up with him he confessed he was in the car but it was being driven by a chauffeur who he had ordered not to stop because he had "a bird in the back", and claimed he didn't want to be caught because he had recently gotten back with his wife.

However, CCTV showed that Sines was actually in the car alone; the story was fabricated, he had refused to stop because he was driving while banned.

Yesterday on the 10th of March at Guildford Crown Court, Sines was not only handed a suspended sentence but also slapped with a two-year driving ban, a three-month tagged curfew, ordered to pay a $6,500 penalty and $5,400 in court costs.

He said, "I saw a police car and I panicked. I regret what I've done."
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