Plastic ban causes Thai shoppers to think outside the bag


NSFW    BANGKOK ??Thai shoppers are having to think outside the bag after a single-use plastic bag ban went into effect at the start of the year.
According to a viral Facebook post with more than 70 pictures, a number of shoppers have decided to get creative with their reusable shopping containers.
Thai citizens are hopping on board the environmental push by using earth-friendly reusable tote bags as well as some more unconventional carriers.

From buckets and baskets to rice sacks, shoppers at major stores, supermarkets and convenience stores have taken to social media to post snaps of themselves going green.

Other methods of carting off purchases that deserve a hat tip include a wheelbarrow and a fishing net.
Oh, there were also vases, pots, people using their own shirts and some random dude on his scooter.
According to Reuters, Thailand was ranked sixth in the world's top countries that dump plastic garbage into the sea. However, over the past five months, they've dropped down to the 10th.

Hopefully after the initial excitement of going green just for likes on social media wears off, consumers can stick to permanently cutting down plastics use.
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