One killer identified in Woolwich attack


NSFW    Police identified one of the suspects in an alleged terror attack in Woolwich, London on Wednesday. His name as revealed on internet forums and Twitter as Michael Adebolajo. Police raided a house in Lincolnshire village which is believed to be Adebolajo’s old home.

It was reported that two men in a car ran down an armed forces member with their car and then attacked the man on foot using various weapons including a cleaver and knives on Wednesday afternoon.

After killing their victim, both men then stayed at the scene talking to a passersby about their motives and asking to have their pictures taken. Police arrived at the scene 20 minutes later and shot the two suspects while trying to arrest them. The wounded men were taken into custody in separate hospitals.

It is believed that the men are British citizens of Nigerian descent who have converted to a radical form of Islam. Yet, they are not thought to have links to terror groups based in Nigeria.
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