North Korea wants China to stop fat-shaming Kim Jong Un


NSFW    PYONGYANG — Living the life of an absolute dictator can be rough on the waistline, just ask North Korean Dear Leader Kim Jong Un.

Kim has been packing on so many pounds that even China has taken notice, with Chinese netizens dubbing him Kim Fatty III. Other popular nicknames for the lumpy leader are Kim Fatty Fat and Kim Abundant III.

North Korean officials have asked China to stop with the name calling before heads start to roll.

China appears to have obliged. Searches for terms like Kim Fatty III (金三胖) and Kim Fatty Fat (金胖胖) turn up no results on Chinese search engines.

Apparently, the tons of fun tyrant has ballooned from binge-eating and drinking to help deal with fears of assassination and his insomnia. It probably also doesn’t help that the double-chinned dictator consumes massive amounts of Swiss cheese.

In the past there have been rumors that the plus-sized despot suffers from gout, and he has been seen walking with a cane — even though he’s only 32 years old.

Kim has even reportedly asked scientists to develop a weight loss pill that works without diet or exercise.

In the meantime, leave Kim and his rolls alone.
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