NFL's Dez Bryant calls Madden video game rating an insult, gets trolled


NSFW    DALLAS — Dallas Cowboys star wide receiver, Dez Bryant, is miffed about his overall player rating handed out by the game developers at EA Sports.

A big fan of the Madden NFL game series, Bryant wasn’t thrilled he only received a 90 OVR. In response, Bryant called the rating an insult, and blamed the game developers. The whole jocks vs. geeks rivalry is always ready to reignite, and as expected, the gaming developers took advantage of this opportunity to punk off the digitally undervalued star.

By using Bryant as a kicker in a quick promotional teaser, the folks at EA jokingly pointed to such shortcomings as the reason for his score, which is actually one of the highest ratings among the 2600 or so players ranked. A player’s OVR is calculated by factoring in their statistics in different categories, such as tackling ability and passing accuracy.

Among the NFL’s top wide receivers, Bryant ranks 8th overall. In response to the field goal fail video, Bryant took to Twitter to say he was never really upset.
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