Ndamukong Suh ready to stomp Romo and the Cowboys


NSFW    The NFL Playoffs get underway with Wild Card weekend this Sunday. One of the biggest games to watch comes on Sunday when the Detroit Lions travel down to Dallas to face the Cowboys at AT&T Stadium.

Matt Stafford has an impressive arsenal with Reggie Bush in the backfield and Golden Tate and Calvin Megatron Johnson receiving. Only problem is Stafford has trouble getting them the ball most of the times, especially on the road.

The Lions had one of the top defenses in the NFL this season. Ndamukong Suh will also get to play after having his suspension for stomping Aaron Rodgers reduced to a $700,000 fine.

The Cowboys are looking at their best chance in years as long as Romo’s back and Demarco Murray’s hand hold up. Will Dez Bryant be able to keep his off-the-field drama off the field.

Will having the most dominant defensive player in the NFL, who’s about to become a free agent, help the Lions? Or can Jerry Jones keep it in his pants long enough to see the Cowboys advance?
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