MSU top-20 recruit Jeffrey Simmons caught on tape allegedly beating woman


NSFW    MACON, MISSISSIPPI — Jeffrey Simmons, a top-20 recruit who signed with Mississippi State, has apologized after a video surfaced that allegedly shows him beating a woman.

According to a report by WCBI, a video from last Thursday shows the five-star defensive end hitting a woman several times while she is on the ground.

Simmons posted an apology on his Facebook page to the Taylor family and specifically Sophia Taylor. He blamed his actions on a misguided attempt to "defend my family."

Simmons says he lost his temper after comments were made about a deceased family member. He also said that is still not a reason to take the action that he did.

"What was I thinking? Honestly, I wasn't thinking, all I could think was this is my family and I'm supposed to defend my family," Simmons wrote. "Many know my deceased nephews were my pride and joy, I do everything I do in honor of they life they never got the chance to live, and to listen to someone talk so terrible about them caused me to make choices, decisions and act in a manner that was out of character for me. Is that an excuse? … NO! I truly hope that you will find it in your hearts to forgive me for my actions."

Police in Macon say Simmons is now facing a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace by fighting.

"We are aware of the situation. As more details become available, we will continue to evaluate the situation," Mississippi State University Public Affairs Sid Salter said.
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