Man's body split in HALF as he jumps to his death


NSFW    The body of a man was split in half on Saturday as he took his own life by jumping from a building in China’s southern Fujian province.

While China is home to one of the world’s highest suicide rates, police in coastal city of Changle were no doubt shocked when they arrived at the scene of the accident.

The unidentified man’s body was found split in half. His lower body, was found lying for all to see on the asphalt, while his upper body, was seen hanging from a second floor balcony.

Police believe the man, who worked as a security guard, jumped to his death from between the fourth and fifth floor of a mixed-use building.

His body was violently split in half when he hit a second floor balcony handrail.

The man reportedly told his family that he no longer wanted to live after being forced to retire following a uremia diagnosis.
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