Man Horrified After Finding 'Intentines' Still in Chicken


NSFW    ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND ??A disgusted customer has taken to the internet to share vile pictures of an un-gutted chicken he bought from the German-owned supermarket chain, Aldi.

Hungry Gordon Duncan ??the customer ??posted the vile images showing the five-dollar bird partially carved with its lightly toasted intestines exposed for all to see.

Duncan from Aberdeen said on July 21 that he was horrified by the discovery. In a post he made to the supermarket's Facebook page he also revealed that he reported it to environmental health.

Contradicting the carcass and its gory state, Aldi labeled the chicken as, 'Large fresh chicken without giblets.

'Raised to the highest welfare standards from farms we know and trust.'

Faced with public humiliation and potential investigation, Aldi's PR team reached out to hush Duncan into a private chat away from customer's eyes.

But it was too late, customers began flooding the page with outrage with one shopper's fears being confirmed, however, one alpha male took the chance to peacock and demand Duncan to grow a pair... because somehow the growing of an additional two testicles will somehow solve this problem.

An Aldi spokesperson said, 'Issues like this are very rare and whilst it doesn't affect product safety, we are sorry that we didn't meet our usual high-quality standards on this occasion.'

'We have contacted Mr. Duncan to offer him a full refund.'

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