Korean girl group performs sans underwear, media freak out


NSFW    SEOUL — The Internet is all aflutter over a video that appeared to show one member of an all-girl dance troupe wiggling around on stage sans underwear.

The group Bambino hit the big time with their song “Oppa Oppa” just last month, and although they are a dance troupe, everyone expects them to behave like an singing idol group.

In Korea, there are subtle differences between the two. Idol groups are generally held to higher moral standard and are supposed to appear enticing and available, but not overly sexy.

Netizens are freaking out over the lead dancer, Hadam’s, apparent lack of underwear in this video where they perform to Redfoo’s ‘New Thang’.

But the thang is, the women who make up the group Bambino have never been fans of underwear. They’ve certainly never made an effort to wear them before when they were just an unknown dance troupe. Besides, Hadam may be hiding a thong under those tiny shorts, who knows?

But the media and Internet have all gotten their panties in a twist at Hadam’s possible lack of panties. Hopefully, all the uproar won’t make them change their fashion sense anytime soon?
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