Kiwi rugby star caught with hot woman in airport toilet


NSFW    CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND — Kiwi rugby player Aaron Smith is embroiled in a sex scandal after details emerged of an encounter he had last month with a woman in disabled restroom.

A Kiwi family reportedly saw an attractive woman — whom we’re guessing was a Kiwi chick — entering a bathroom in Christchurch airport, followed shortly after by Smith.
That family told that they heard “rhythmic tapping noises” coming from the cubicle.

Reports suggest that the All Blacks scrum-half and his lady friend were probably bonking. And that’s not cool, because Smith’s actually got a girlfriend. Earlier this week he got on TV and made a tearful apology to her after the story broke.

He was in South Africa this week to play rugby. However, the All Blacks handed him a one-game suspension for his antics and Smith’s returning home to handle the situation.
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