Kate Middleton considers hypno-birth to ease labor


NSFW    Kate Middleton is reportedly considering hypnobirthing to ease labor pains when she gives birth next month.

Hypnobirthing, also called hypnotherapy in childbirth, is said to relieve the fear and stress from pregnant women during labor, having the benefit of relieving pain. The goal is to have mother relax all of her muscles in her body and focus only on the uterine muscles.

The therapy helps the mother release oxytocin and soothing endorphins to achieve a smoother, calmer labor so it reduces the need for epidural anesthesia.

Kate’s friends reportedly "have used this method and swear by it." Yet, the royal family spokesman had no comments whether she would choose the method.

The launch of the cruise ship in Southampton on Thursday was her last solo public activity before giving birth. According to the source, she swims on a regular basis at Buckingham Palace and does prenatal yoga. Let’s hope she has a smooth labor next month.
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