Justin Bieber meltdown 2013: Biebs collapses on stage, hospitalized, attacks paparazzi


NSFW    Why is Justin Bieber cancelling his shows? Because he's a train wreck! There's no denying it. After his week of twitter rants, paparazzi attacks and all around oddball behavior it's safe to say he is well on his way to joining the ranks of Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes and all the other child stars we love to watch fall apart.

Well, it looks like Justin Bieber is well on his way to joining all the other child star trainwrecks the media is so fond of following. The trouble started in London after the young pop star was prancing around topless in freezing weather. Biebs then went on a twitter rant claiming he had the worst birthday ever when his underaged friends were not allowed to join. Oh, and we can't forget his bizarre new gas mask accessory...But the breaking point came when he nearly collapsed on stage and had to be treated with "oxygen" to be able continue the performance.

Bieber later documented his recovery in the hospital. Good thing he recovered! Otherwise he wouldn't have had the strength to attack the paparazzi waiting for him.

Man, oh man. The kid should've stayed with Selena. It looks like after breaking up with her he's just been heading straight downhill. Hey, this is kind of like the reverse of what happened to Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. So does this mean Biebs will get into a trashy relationship with Kevin Federline and shave his head? Probably not. Wow, we know too much about pop culture, time to go read a textbook or something like that.
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