Jackie Chan protest remarks: actor says freedoms should be restricted


NSFW    Jackie Chan has stuck his foot in his mouth again. The action star believes Hong Kongers doth protest too much and the right to protest should be restricted.

People in Hong Kong have plenty to protest about: there is freedom of speech, but no universal suffrage. Hong Kong's leader CY Leung tried to force through 'national education' and also misled the public about illegal structures at his luxury home.

Jackie Chan said Hong Kong had become 'a city of protest' and is now more like South Korea. He previously said freedom and liberty had made Taiwan was chaotic, and Chinese people needed to be controlled.

Okay, Jackie Chan, we get it. You don't like democracy. But just so we're clear, you're not Hong Kong's favorite action star. That title belongs to Lamma-born Chow Yun-fat.
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