J-Law's hacked nude selfies cause protein loss in Internet's men


NSFW    Fallout from the biggest ever celebrity sex photo leak has just begun to make landfall.

Jennifer Lawrence, has joined the illustrious ranks of celebrities with nude photo leaks following a massive sexy celebrity security breach. J-Law, like hundreds of other occasionally naked celebs, uses an iPhone to take pics of her tips.

Because, as every kid knows, iPhone is just the best, and doesn’t have viruses or hackers. Except it totally does.

4Chan, the people who brought you Anonymous, Chansluts, and Pedobear, has at least one industrious anon who was able to access the iClouds of the rich and famous. Then, splash J-Law’s privates all over the /b/ forum for a smattering of Bitcoin.

News of the leak has sent millions of, pardon the expression, “newfags” to 4Chan’s forums, literally the worst place in the entire internet. For her part, Jennifer Lawrence has threatened legal action against anyone who posts her nude selfies.

Good luck with that! The lurkers will have their fap whether you like it or not. Just be thankful that you look good naked, dude.
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