I'm too sexy for this pom-pom: Are U of Oregon cheerleaders too sexy?


NSFW    Cheerleaders are a major part of any collegiate sports event. Without them, what would you be doing at halftime, right?

the University of Oregon's basketball cheerleaders are a hot topic of discussion lately because some see their moves and outfits as too seductive.

One teacher on the campus believes the university is 'pimping out' the cheering squad by having them doing paid gigs. Some also believe their sexy moves may have played a role in the case of three U of O basketball players accused of raping a female student.

Stll, many others say that regardless of what the cheer squad, or for that matter, what any young woman chooses to wear, should not absolve a man's responsibility to not be a rapey assmunch when trying step to the ladies.

Just remember though-- that door does swing both directions; so no objectifying the male cheerleaders, right girls?
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