How Woolwich terrorists attacked British soldier


NSFW    Terrorist attack in London: A British soldier was killed in what officials are calling a terrorist murder attack that took place in London on Wednesday.

The two attackers targeted a soldier who was standing by the Royal Artillery barracks in Woolwich, south-east London. The attackers sped down Artillery Place in a blue car, jumped the pavement and pinned the soldier against a street sign. The attackers then began attacking the soldier with a meat cleaver and knives. Shortly after, they dragged the soldier’s body into the middle of the street and would only allow women to help him.

In the 20 minutes it took police to arrive, the attackers paced up and down the street and spoke to witnesses who confronted them. When police finally arrived, the attackers rushed the officers, with one of them pulling out a gun. One police officer fired her weapon, and six shots were heard.

The two attackers were gunned down, but neither were killed. They were sent to separate hospitals and are being supervised by armed guards. Officials say the men’s British accents suggest they are “home-grown” terrorists, but asked the public not to speculate.

Members of the community have been leaving flowers at the site of the attack, offering their condolences for the tragic passing of the young soldier.”
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