How long can flak jacket Kushner and Bannon play nice?


NSFW    WASHINGTON — Jared Kushner is a man’s man and is no stranger to adversity. Rumor has it he came out of his mom with a silver spoon in his mouth and a flak jacket on his chest.

He appears to have taken both things with him to the White House and on his recent Iraq trip as well.

It’s no secret that the president has a thing for Ivanka and thus by extension Jared. The only problem with Ivanka and Jared is they have absolutely no experience in anything besides being rich. Add a pinch of liberal democrat, and you have great recipe for palace drama.

In-fighting between Kushner and Steve Bannon has dominated the headlines over the past few weeks, much to the president’s chagrin. Kushner’s liberal leanings has put him at odds with Bannon’s burn-it-all mentality.

Well, the POTUS ain’t having it, which is why he’s told the two advisers to bury the hatchet. How long can Kushner and Bannon stay on the same page?

Maybe Donald should just put his building experience to work and split the White House up into the Left Wing and Right Wing.
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