Harrison Ford is a movie sequel-making MACHINE!


NSFW    Harrison Ford sure has been in a lot of movies over the years. Some of our childhoods are practically one long film starring him.

Recently he’s been in the news for crashing a World War II vintage fighter plane. Before that, he stubbed his toe or something on the Millennium Falcon while filming a sequel in the Star Wars films.

Plus, he was in Indiana Jones and Blade Runner as well. All of which are bringing a sequel to the big screen in the next few years, and Harrison will be in all of those, too. He’s the next Sean Connery or Anthony Hopkins or anyone else who refuses to retire from Hollywood when they gray starts showing.

It’s like there’s a race to see how many sequels the studios can crank out before he kicks the bucket — he is 72 years old, after all.

But I’m sure even after we’re all long gone, he’ll still be around. We’ve already seen how they plan to keep him on ice after all ... err, make that carbonite!

We guess after this latest aviation-related crack-up, the Disney folks will be lighting up his phone line with offers to star as Launchpad McQuack in the new Duck Tales live-action movie.
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