Get your red hot Mets Tim Tebow jerseys! While they're still around


NSFW    PORT ST. LUCIE, FLORIDA — Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow attended his first instructional workout on Monday with the New York Mets down in Florida.

The Mets signed Tebow to a minor league contract a few weeks back.

Instructional league camps don’t usually have a lot of people there to watch, but with Tebow came a fan and media frenzy.

Tebowmania was followed by a helicopter overhead, about 400 fans and over 70 members of the news media.

Even though the Mets said signing Tebow wasn’t about selling shirts, the $120 Tebow jerseys and $30 T-shirts on sale at the workout and the MLB website say differently.

Tebow even signed a special bridge agreement with Majestic, the official jersey supplier of the MLB, just so they could sell his jersey.

But honestly, if you had to choose between watching real professional baseball players actually play baseball or Tim Tebow play catch, wouldn’t you choose Tebow?
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