Fyre Festival immediately goes up in smoke


NSFW    EXUMAS, BAHAMAS — The Bahamas Fyre Festival organized by Ja Rule and Billy McFarland was supposed to be straight fire.

It was advertised over Instagram as a pair of luxurious concert weekends by supermodels like Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and Pepsi star Kendall Jenner.

Fyre was marketed as the next Coachella with yachts, luxury cabanas, celebrity-chef catering and big name bands.

But when festival-goers actually arrived at the remote island, they were greeted by a dirt field littered with FEMA tents and no lights.

According to a $100-million class action lawsuit, the disaster was more like The Hunger Games or Lord of the Flies.

Attendees became virtual prisoners without proper water, shelter and medical care. The fine dining turned out to be bread and some cheese slices.

Because the festival was ‘cashless’ — attendees were recommended to deposit funds into the Fyre wristband — many attendees lacked the money to arrange for transportation to get back to the airport.

The festival has told attendees they can get a refund or receive a VIP ticket to Fyre Festival 2018. The VIP ticket is definitely the way to go. What could go wrong?
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