Four bombs explode almost simultaneously in the Southern Thailand city of Yala killing two


NSFW    Two people were killed and 28 others were injured on Sunday afternoon after four almost simultaneous explosions hit the southern Thai city of Yala.

According to local reports, all the targeted spots were away from areas under the control of security forces.

The first blast exploded at around 3:50 p.m. when a car bomb detonated in a busy shopping area, damaging several nearby buildings. The car was stolen a long time ago and had been used for several robberies, army spokesman Colonel Promote Prom-in told AFP.

A second blast, caused by a bomb hidden in a suitcase, killed one person, AFP reported.

The third and fourth devices, hidden in a motorbike and in a bank’s automated teller machine, were smaller in size.

Yala is one of the three Muslim-majority southern provinces in Thailand afflicted by an insurgency movement fighting for independence.

The conflict has already caused the death of 6,000 people most of them civilians. Peace talks were underway, but they stalled because of the political crisis in Bangkok.

Observers say the recent increase in violence is in response to Thailand's failure to respond to rebel demands to work towards a road map for peace, AFP reported.
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