Former Miami Dolphin Rob Konrad goes for 9 mile swim after boating mishap


NSFW    Former Miami Dolphin fullback, Rob Konrad survived a boating accident by swimming an incredible nine miles to shore Wednesday night, or so the Coast Guard would have you believe.

The 38 year-old left for the Atlantic Ocean from a Baco Raton dock some time in the afternoon for a brief fishing trip. After catching a fish and trying to land it, Konrad somehow fell off from his 36-foot yacht which was operating on autopilot mode.

As his boat drifted away, Konrad who was not wearing a life vest, started swimming toward the shore.

His friends reported him missing after he failed to show to for dinner. A helicopter was dispatched to search for him, but spotters missed him, Konrad later told a friend.

After swimming for 10 to 12 hours, he eventually reached the shore of Palm Beach. The U.S. Coast Guard told the Palm Beach Post Konrd swam an epic nine miles to safety, though this has yet to be independently verified. For context, an endurance Marathon swim is only 6.2 miles.

Konrad was treated for possible hypothermia and has returned to his home in Boynton Beach. His boat, however, has yet to be recovered. It was last seen heading toward the Bahamas.
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