Donkey attacks: Hungarian man brutally killed by two donkeys


NSFW    When animals attack: A Hungarian man died after being severely mauled in what looks to be a horrific donkey attack in a sleepy hamlet.

Sixty-five year old retired firefighter Sandor Horvath was visiting a friend at his farm near the village of Magyarszecsod.

No one witnessed the attack, but it appears two donkeys owned by the farmer took a dislike to Horvath, possibly feeling threatened.

Investigating police say he was chased and pulled from his mobility scooter before being repeatedly bitten and trampled.

The donkey duo apparently dragged the man 50 meters, leaving Horvath with such horrific injuries that the people who found him thought he’d been killed by wolves.

The farmer’s daughter had previously worried about how aggressive the animals had become, but the farmer dismissed her concerns.

After being made into burgers, dressed in silly outfits and generally maligned, is this a case of donkey revenge? In any case, the two animals are set to be put down.
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