Detachable Hydrogen Pods Would Also Contain Plane Engines


NSFW    LEIDEN, NETHERLANDS ??Airbus recently announced a breakthrough concept to sidestep a lot of the challenges associated with hydrogen-powered flight.

The company's new idea is to place fully independent hydrogen fuel systems into pods that can easily be clicked on and off the wings of a turboprop airplane.

These pods would contain their own fuel and engine systems, allowing Airbus to remove all fuel tanks from the plane's fuselage, thereby adding a lot more space for cargo and passenger seats.

The pods would also add a safety element, as it would move the flammable hydrogen fuel from the fuselage to the wing, where a pod can easily be jettisoned in the unlikely event of a fire.

The plan is to attach three pods on each wing. Each pod would contain a liquid hydrogen tank ??with its own cooling system ??a fuel cell, power electronics, and electric motors that will spin an eight-bladed lightweight propeller.

On the ground, each pod can simply be replaced with a fueled and serviced pod, which removes the need to refuel the plane with the complex systems needed to keep the hydrogen at very cold temperatures.
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